Leadership Consulting

Roots & Wings helps individuals and organisations who find themselves in transition and are challenged by the turbulence that inevitably accompanies it. Life’s transitions, we believe, have a deeper purpose: to accelerate our growth so we may find a newer, higher equilibrium. Recognising that meaningful change is best experienced through a holistic approach, Roots & Wings embraces cutting-edge science, trans-personal psychology, body-work and spirituality alongside modern management wisdom, in a way that works below and beyond any one doctrine or method. Our goal is to enable access to the limitless wellspring of inner resources, so we may each find our own Truth and live it on our own terms.

Domain 1: Leading Self

  • “Executive Presence”
  • “Conscious Leadership: Accessing Presence to become Whole, Congruent & Flexible”
  • “The Heroic Journey to Higher Purpose”
  • “The Anatomy of Personality & Leadership Styles: via the Enneagram”
  • “From Stress to Swaasthya” (Stress & Wellbeing)

Domain 2: Leading People

  • “The Art Of Coaching”
  • “Leadership Communication”
  • “Listening; Questioning; Asserting; Feedback; Influence; Negotiation; Conflict”
  • “Executive Presentation Coaching”
  • “Building Trust through Fierce Conversations”
  • “Situational Leadership”
  • “Succession Planning”
  • “Conducting Performance Appraisals For Growth”
  • “Competency Mapping and Development”

Domain 3: Leading The Business

  • “Congruence – Organisational Vision/ Values/ Culture”
  • “Cultural Transformation: Nine Domains of The Enneagram”
  • “The Art Of The Strategic Conversation”
  • “Logic & Magic”
  • “The Central Question”
  • “Six Thinking Hats”
  • “First Things First: Time Management”
  • “Running Productive Meetings: in person and via telephone”

Domain 4: Leading The System/Context

  • “Celebrating Intercultural Diversity”
  • “Scenario Planning”

Domain 5: Leading Change

  • “Riding The Waves Of Change: From Coping to Shaping”

All our programs are customised to specific client needs after an initial diagnostic.
‘Train-the-trainer’ versions of the above programs can also be provided